Why Choose CLEAR EDGE GLASS Sliding Doors?

Using advanced technology and the highest quality materials the CLEAR EDGE GLASS sliding door system is master crafted in Australia.

CLEAR EDGE GLASS was started by Archie Shaw after working in the local and international glass door industry for over 15 years. Australia did not have a product to meet the demands of the glass door industry or the harsh climate. After 2 years of product development and extensive testing CLEAR EDGE GLASS launched the first Australian clear edged glass sliding stacking doors to the market.

Often referred to as frameless glass doors or glass bi fold doors, CLEAR EDGE GLASS sliding doors are designed using advanced technology. Unlike bi fold doors, the uniquely designed sliding door tracks allow the clear edged glass panels to slide individually (unhinged). The advanced sliding door rollers allow the individual panels to pivot and stack at 90° to the sliding door tracks acting as stacking sliding doors.

Glass Door Interior
patio deck Window

Where Can You Use the Frameless Glass Doors?

CLEAR EDGE GLASS sliding doors are designed to enclose balconies, patios, pool houses, alfresco kitchens, servery windows and all outdoor entertaining areas. However, their usages aren’t limited to this list – our doors can be used as internal bifold doors for offices, conference rooms and even in your home to separate large open plan areas.

CLEAR EDGE GLASS sliding doors can be used for commercial applications as shop front or stadium glazing.

Many homeowners are replacing heavy and old-fashioned bi fold doors with these frameless glass doors.