Glass windows design

Fixed Glass Window

We call our fixed glass window solution the Blue Mountain for its ability to capture and frame a beautiful view in your home or office space. The fixed window profiles from Glass Door Designs can house even the largest of glass panels. Made in Australia, the double-glazed aluminum framing system is available in a smaller 76mm x 35mm form. Its crisp, narrow shape offers a more commercial appearance. This makes it an economical option for architectural housing, shopfront applications of modest dimensions or internal partitioning applications.

The Blue Mountain fixed glass window allows natural light and is compatible with all building types. The double-glazing will also provide great insulation, keeping the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. For those living in areas exposed to unpredictable or harsh weather, a fixed glass window will protect the house and allow you to spend more time admiring views or on the balcony without the disruption of wind and rain. Installing a The Blue Mountain fixed window, or multiple, in the home or workplace will perfectly enhance your connection with the outdoor environment.