Glass Door Designs is a family team with a passion for working with frameless glass construction. We started doing frameless glass doors 10 years ago and have gained enormous knowledge and experience in that time. Over the years we have worked with products from countries like Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and Finland to name a few. We have succesfully installed many thousands of metres in frameless doors in Western Australia from Bunbury to Quinns Rock and everywhere in between. In fact we have even installed nearly 100m of doors as far afield as a luxury hotel in Bali.

We can assist not only in the install of various frameless glass products but pride ourselves on providing solutions to our customers in design and product selection based on the application. We use our extensive knowledge of products and experience to help deliver the best result for each customer.

Seaton Hitchcock


With a Bachelors degree in business & psychology, Seaton has always been his ‘own boss’. With little desire for the corporate world, Seaton prefers his office to be outdoors (as much as possible). He has been in the glass game for over a decade, but his true speciality is frame-less doors. Having imported & installed doors from Finland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany, Portugal and Australia, you could say he’s an expert.

Kelvin Hitchcock


After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Marketing & Economics, Kelvin moved to Canada for a year to stretch his legs. Moving back to Perth he worked in the glazing game for 7 years before partnering with his brother Seaton and co-founding Glass Door Designs. Although his experience is not as extensive as his older brother’s, he works hard to maintain the same level of prowess.